Project Management


Short Course


2 Months


Course Overview

Most organisations have policies and plans for allocating available or foreseen resources to achieve certain objectives. This involves decision-making regarding the best use of available resources. However, some managers responsible for decision making do not have the knowledge, skills and inclination in project planning and management. To deliver a project successfully, it’s important to start by clearly identifying what the project is, and what its outcomes will be. In the course, we will show you practical ways to explore and understand your goals from the outset of your project, and to consider all the factors that may affect its execution. Step by step you will learn how to plan, scope, schedule, cost and manage your project from beginning to end. Since every project relies on the people who are delivering it, the course also enables you to explore how you can effectively communicate, manage people and employ leadership skills to successfully deliver your own project.

  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Programme of study: Weekend
  • Fees:
    EA Students: UGX 800,000/= / USD 200$
    International students: USD 250$
  • Award: Certificate


  • To improve learners’ knowledge and skills in systematic identification, preparation, appraisal, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects.

Who is Eligible?

This course is designed for project implementers: people who work to make sure that projects succeed. These may include professional project managers, administrators in public, private, NGO sectors and CSOs and others who want formal training in project management.


  • Attaining a Certificate in Project management requires a successful completion of 15 modules of study in accordance with the course progression.
  • Introduction to Project Management.
  • Role of the Project Manager.
  • The Project Cycle.
  • Problem Analysis and Needs Assessment.
  • The Logical/Project Framework.
  • Project Design Process/Project Proposal Writing.
  • Project Analysis/Feasibility Study.
  • Participatory Approaches to Project Planning and Management.
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Management skills Improvement.
  • The Project and its Environment.
  • Project Cost Structures and Budgeting.
  • Project Implementation Scheduling and the Use of Gantt Charts.
  • Introduction to Computer Applications in Project Management.
  • Managing the Procurement Process

Course Delivery / Assessment:

Lectures / Case studies, Presentations, Role Plays, Group discussions etc


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