Master Of Science In Health Information Systems Management




2 Years


This program was designed to prepare professionals with expertise in the management of healthcare systems and information technology capable of supporting technologically advanced and efficient healthcare systems.

It provides ample opportunities to participants to enhance their knowledge and skills in data analytics, information governance, health care databases administration, standard nomenclatures, health care finance and revenue cycle management, and health care quality management.
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Medium: English
  • Programme of study: Distance learning/Weekends
  • Fees per semester:
    EA Students: UGX 3,700, 000/= / USD 1000$
    International Students: USD 1500$


  • The master of science in health information systems management aims at providing participants with a wide range of skills, knowledge, and attitudes to champion healthcare information systems management transformation. The program aims at empowering the participants with the abilities to;
  • Evaluate and create data management policies and procedures
  • Protect patient data using technology
  • Use data analytics and research techniques and technologies in the healthcare enterprise planning
  • Deploy strategic and operational models for managing revenue cycles
  • Create health information compliance programs
  • Develop leadership approaches that foster collaboration among others.
  • Additionally, the MSc in health information systems management program also culminates in a capstone allowing you to integrate previous coursework and practical experience with a focus on authentic demonstration. In the capstone course – you'll use what you've learned to develop and execute a capstone project that applies your knowledge in a complex and operationally charged business environment.

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in any health sciences, computing, mathematics, statistics, engineering, Records and Archives management, and related fields. Interested individuals must have a proven interest in health and computing such as a short course, diploma, degree, or a working experience in health information management systems.

Career opportunities

Since health information systems management is a program where technology and healthcare coincide, advances in medical technology will continue to change the healthcare industry in the digital age for years to come. This leaves plenty of career opportunities wide open for someone with an MSc in health information systems management.

Health information systems managers are critical to the wellbeing of the patient; they have expertise in data management systems, information security, and project management, as well as a comprehensive understanding of health informatics and so they facilitate the smooth flow of digital information between patient and clinician, healthcare administrators, technologists, and others in the healthcare organizations.

Program Structure

Year One

Semester 1

MHISM 1101
Introduction to Health Care & Health System
MHISM 1102
Health Information Management Theory and Practice
MHISM 1103
Principles of Public Health
MHISM 1104
Health Information Management Technology and Systems
MHISM 1105
Health Information Research Methods and Evaluation

Semester 2

MHISM 1201
Occupational health and Information Technology
MHISM 1202
Health Information Systems Analysis and Design
MHISM 1203
Advanced Programming
MHISM 1204
Legal Aspects, Risk Management, and Security in Health information systems
MHISM 1205
Quality Management and Data Analysis

Recess Term

MHISM 1301
Practicum and Field Report

Year Two

Semester 1

MHISM 2101
Dissertation / Thesis I
MHISM 2102
Clinical Decision Support Systems and Workflows in Healthcare
MHISM 2103
Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Compliance
MHISM 2104
Principles of Management and Human Resources development
MHISM 2105
Health Information Management Capstone

Semester 2

MHISM 2201
Dissertation / Thesis II
MHISM 2202
Health Information Management Seminar Series
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