and Human Resource Management


Short Course


2 Months


Course Overview

Do you own or manage a business, do you intend to start one or have you started one and it failed!

The journey of innovation, entrepreneurship and business management is a tough one, Research indicates that over 90% of businesses close before their first birthday due to lack of core entrepreneurship and management knowledge and skills

This short course will teach you to design new business models, manage the good implementation of innovations, while assessing potential risks of business plans thus turning business ideas and concepts into viable products or services, using a limited amount of resources
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Programme of study: Weekend
  • Fees:
    EA Students: UGX 800,000/= / USD 200$
    International students: USD 250$
  • Award: Certificate


  • It covers aspects such as;
  • Fund Raising/ How to raise capital
  • Branding and Effective marketing
  • Proper book keeping/ Accounting
  • Taxation, Banking and Insurance
  • Legal formalities in Business
  • Human resources Management
  • Building relationships and networking

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Managers and those intending to start business
  • High school students on holiday and fresh graduates are welcome


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