Academic Writing and
Research Methods


Short Course


2 Months


Earning a Certificate in Research Methods will prepare different professionals to design surveys and interview protocols, to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data and to communicate research results. The course will be offered in a modular format.

Aims of the Course

  • A Certificate in Research Methodology aims to: -
  • Train researchers who can effectively design sound research projects and, in turn, transfer the same skills
  • Equip researchers and postgraduate students with skills needed for writing excellent academic proposals
  • Equip learners with strong, appropriate and advanced data analysis techniques
  • Develop scientific writing and publishing skills so that findings are communicated and shared responsibly
  • Strengthen research management skills for improved development programs.
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Programme of study: Weekend
  • Fees:
    EA Students: UGX 800,000/= / USD 200$
    International students: USD 250$
  • Award: Certificate

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a Certificate in Research Methodology will enable individuals to: -
  • Apply fundamental mastery of both quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Acquire quantitative and qualitative data analysis competences
  • Attain necessary knowledge to apply the principles of ethical practice in conducting research
  • Gain skills in formal reading, academic writing and the presentation of research
  • Achieve high-level knowledge and skills in data collection methods
  • Acquire skills to independently plan research activities, manage time and disseminate findings

Modules to be covered

  • Attaining a Certificate in Research Methods requires a successful completion of 5 modules of in accordance with the course progression.
  • Compulsory Modules: -
  • Research Conceptualization and Literature Review
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Data Management, Analysis and Reporting Findings
  • Introduction to quantitative data analysis
  • Communicating Research
  • Project Proposal Writing and Publishing

Career-related Opportunities

  • A successful candidate will: provide services in research organizations/institutions; design monitoring and evaluation component for both public and private organizations; work for CBOs, CSOs, NGOs, INGOs and public institutions to examine social justice issues


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