Bristol College of Management and Health Sciences is an International Postgraduate Institution offering World-Class Masters, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Short Courses.

With a highly qualified and experienced team of academic staff and industrial partners, Bristol College’s reputation is attracting some of the leading academics and researchers from around the globe, opening access to a wealth of global experiences and expertise for our students.

We create life enhancing learning experiences that help students to develop personally and professionally and that enriches their future opportunities, With a strong focus on internationalisation, Bristol College has built prestigious partnerships with institutions worldwide.


“Driven to Solve”

Our Vision

Africa’s most proficient institute in Postgraduate Education and research that empowers global problem solvers

Mission Statement

To advance the world and transform the community through innovative education and internationally significant research, building on a tradition of distinction in academic, professional and social engagement to educate citizens for lives of Impact.



We remain open-minded and employ ingenuity to solve problems and critically evaluate options to improve outcomes and processes.


Our work is balanced, rigorous, timely and accurate. We maintain a high performance standard and promote efficient, effective outcomes which exceed expectations


We act in an ethical, credible and trustworthy manner


We are collaborative, believing that collective action produces greater results than that of any one individual.


The effects of formal education are greatly enhanced by personal, informal communication between individuals with significant experience and others seeking guidance. We harness this synergy by creating varied opportunities for mentoring within and outside of the College community.
Tailor your experience through an incredible range of opportunities. You can explore, grow and develop as part of your postgraduate program. Opportunities could include studying abroad, starting your own business, volunteering and work placements

Get Empowered to transform the world,up-skill with one of our courses and relaunch your future today!